Our Mission


Our mission is to manage and enhance residential and commercial tenant communities so that owners, tenants, neighbors, and our public and private partners share a sense of pride, ownership, and betterment in the common venture. We are committed to operational excellence, creative solutions, and our core strategic goals.


Our Core Strategic Goal


Our core strategic goal is to create attractive, safe, well-maintained properties and communities. We believe people respond to this kind of environment and will take pride in preserving its quality of atmosphere as we take pride in addressing their needs and requests. We obtain our goals by following our nine core values of: vision, stewardship, professionalism, gratitude, personal involvement and commitment, teamwork, constant improvement, accountability, and friendliness.


Our Core Values


Vision: planning to create the future you desire and anticipating what’s coming


Stewardship: responsibly handling the fiduciary duties entrusted to us


Professionalism: finding ways to get the job done and done well rather than finding

reasons why it can’t be done


Gratitude: we feel privileged and honored to be doing what we do


Personal involvement and commitment: it’s more than a job --- it’s a way to make a lasting positive impact in people’s lives.


Teamwork: we’re all in this together and we should act like it


Constant improvement: we expect more of ourselves tomorrow than we do today and that we’re open to listening and learning.


Accountability: people are welcome to ask questions and our responsibility is to be transparent with our answers.


Friendliness: people matter most and deserve our attention and care






~ Your Success is our Mission  ~

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As an equal opportunity housing provider, Taylor Real Estate & Management, LLC complies with fair housing and reasonable accommodation request laws.

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